Iphone XI revealed in leaked footage !

Apple brought the “Notch” to a whole new level…

The iPhone XS, XS Max and XR have just been released that we already have some information on the next iPhone. The phone that will most likely be called the iPhone XI (pronounced eleven), should be released in October 2019.

A famous Chinese media (KKNews) managed to gather 12 pictures of some prototypes of the new device. Their two-months long investigation was made possible by the help of former Apple employees that leaked some precious information about the iPhone XI.

Even though KKNews insists on the fact that it is only a prototype, and that changes can be made throughout the year, here is what can be expected for October 2019.

1) An unusual Notch

The “Notch” appeared with the iPhone X. Many criticised it, but Apple decided to keep it in 2018 with its 3 new phones, the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. For the iPhone XI, it seems that Apple is not ready to give up the Notch. Tech-expert Allan Morton explains that the captors that Apple uses for Face-ID requires a lot of space on the phone, which is why the Notch should stay there for the upcoming years.

However, for the iPhone XI, Apple decided to innovate by placing it slightly on the left. We are for the moment left without any explanation of why they did that.

2) A Stylus

As seen on the previous picture, the iPhone XI should have a Stylus. It looks like Apple is following the step of Samsung and their Galaxy Note. It is explained that this “Smart Pen” should have many functionalities that should enhance the overall user experience.

The Stylus should sit inside the iPhone and would get charged by the main battery.

3) 1, 2, 3, 4… 5 Rear Cameras !!!

No, you are not dreaming, the iPhone XI should have no more than 5 cameras. This will allow the device to take amazing pictures in low-light environment. The top of the phone will be made of 4 lenses which will give more depth of field to pictures, recreating the “Bokeh” effect of professional cameras.

Regarding the video mode, the iPhone XI should be able to film in 960fps at 720p and 240fps in 4K, something that has never been done by any smartphone before.

We will keep you updated as soon as more information about the iPhone XI is released. Do not hesitate to comment and give us your opinion on this new device. Would you buy it?

Source : KKNews